Suwerenny is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic. It is divided into two provinces, one federal district and one territory.

Entry and Customs

Suwerenny borders Canada on all of it's borders. It has special rules and laws about the border security and customs. Passports not required for entry into Molossia from the United States. Passports are, however, recommended and will be stamped upon entry. There are no visa requirements for entry into Molossia. Please note, for visitors wishing to visit Suwerenny from outside Canada, there may be visa requirements to enter Canada. The Suwerennian Government cannot assist in obtaining visas to enter Canada. To find out if you need a visa to enter Canada please visit the Government of Canada website. Visitors are not allowed without permission.

Firearms, ammunition, explosives, drugs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco are all prohibited in entry to Suwerenny.

Political Parties

Logo of the Liberal-Socialists Party

The Liberal-Socialists Party of Suwerenny is currently the only official political party in the Republic of Suwerenny. The Liberal-Socialists Party of Suwerenny is also interested in joining the Intermicronational Socialist Alliance and is an observer member the Intermicronational Socialist Forum.